LilyPrism's Handmade Bath and Home Luxuries

Bath Cookies!!!

  Drop one or two in the tub, or set in the corner of your steamy shower to let the
fabulous smells fill the bathroom.
                     $4.50 for a set of three, order using the contact form below

Lemon Poppy Cookies!


Do not eat!!!
Well, you can, they are 100% natural and safe for consumption..  they just don't taste as fantastic as they smell.  Chock full of lemon oils and honey, these are the perfect treat for your skin. 

Doublemint Cookies


Made from most of the same stuff as our delicious Doublemint Bomb, these awesome cookies are a soothing treat for tired muscles with tons of honey and peppermint extract.  I don't know about you, but I love smelling like gum!

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